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Fighting Together

Fighting Together Fighting Together

Displaying their support for Kristal Nordwick, who is battling breast cancer, are Froid/Lake Major League baseball players and their mothers (back row from left) Coach Derek Soukup, Tarryn Woelber, Brandon Gunderson, Jaci Davidson, Jhett Davidson, Cherise Webster, Avery Webster, Roseanne Elvsaas, Lyle Larson, Kristal Nordwick, Lane McDowell, Avis McDowell, Kline Fossum, Stephanie Fossum, Aaron Orozco, Coach Levi Fossum, (front row from left) Aevrett Hobbs, Gina Aasheim, Carson Aasheim, Heather Marottek, Easton Marottek, Colton Nordwick, Jax Ator, Amy Ator, Jett Murray and Autumn Murray. The mothers wore “Together We Fight” pink T-shirts at the tournament while the players had pink wristbands.

(Photo by Bill Vander Weele)

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