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Bainville Town Council Approves Building Permits

The Bainville Town Council held a special meeting Wednesday, March 24. Councilmen Ron Butikofer and Matt Giese were in attendance, as was mayor Dennis Portra.

The purpose of the meeting was to consider area building permit requests.

The council approved a request from Allyson Blosser for a movable chicken coop at 107 Clark Avenue West. Lyle Knudsen was approved for a fence permit at 307 5th Avenue East.

Jason Tollett was approved for a new shop building, with the condition that he remove all debris from the site with 60 days.

James Weatherford and Nick Kuehl received permission to proceed with a fencing project at 6 Flynn Avenue East.

A permit requested by Brett Portra for a house and garage at 309 Duval Street will be resubmitted and considered at a later date.

Town clerk Nikki Rogers told the Community News that town surveys are due March 31. She said late surveys will be included if possible.

The next regular meeting is April 12.

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