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Arrest Made After Pursuit In Culbertson

Arrest Made After  Pursuit In Culbertson Arrest Made After  Pursuit In Culbertson

After a high speed pursuit in Sheridan and Roosevelt counties, Amos Galaviz was arrested in Culbertson on Thursday, Jan. 6.

According to law enforcement, the suspect fled in a vehicle at a high speed from Montana Highway Patrol. Speed was around 100 miles per hour from Reserve to Culbertson.

Galaviz then fled on foot after the vehicle was disabled in Culbertson’s city limits. He broke into a residence and ran out the back door with the occupants yelling the location of the suspect to deputies.

He then ran up the stairs of a second floor apartment complex and tried to break the door of an apartment complex when deputies took him down with a less lethal bean bag shotgun round. He was apprehended by Montana Highway Patrol and Roosevelt County deputies. A knife was discovered on his person. “Deputies did an outstanding job in assisting the MHP and in protecting the community,” Roosevelt County Undersheriff John Summers said.

Galaviz is currently in jail on felony charges. He also had an outstanding warrant in North Dakota.

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