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Wolves Wrestle To Honors At Choteau Classic


Wolf Point’s wrestlers started their week with a cancellation in Circle.

“We just wouldn’t have got any good matches and we added two meets for the girls,” Wolf Point Coach Scott Vandall said. “We are only allowed 18 weigh-ins and 50 matches before divisionals. We have 18 weigh-ins for both boys and girls. So we will probably not wrestle some of our boys and one of our girls at all just because of that.”

The Wolves wrestled in Fairfield on Thursday, Jan. 12.

“We had some good matchups. The ones you would like to see because you’re thinking they would be good matches,” Vandall said. “We got one we wanted to see and didn’t get one we wanted to see, but that’s how it goes sometimes.”

Jayden Dominique wrestled at 103 pounds and is the team’s new eighth-grader boy. He went 0-3. “He was doing great and had one kid on his back. He defended a really hard shot nice. He is making nice progress,” Vandall said. “The wins will come. We just need to be patient.”

Jesse Reed was the one that didn’t get the match he wanted, but he got a match he went 1-0. Johnathan Williams went 0-2 but wrestle well. “When Jon Jon gets it going, he is really a fun kid to watch,” Vandall said.

Sam Boysun went 0-2. “He just has some kids with lot of experience and he is putting it together,” Vandall said.

Jeina Reum also had a record of 0-2. “Once again she got the two best hits there. She is scrappy. If she could just get a good draw, some day it would be great,” Vandall said.

Joli Beston went 1-1. “She got the match-up we as coaches wanted to see. But it just wasn’t meant to be,” Vandall said. “She lost that match. She was kind of bummed to be honest. She knew the girl was tough and kind of let it get to her a little. We are working on that. Joli is a tough wrestler.”

Then the Wolves headed over to the Choteau Classic. “We had a great first round. Sam, Jesse, Maddox and John all won by fall. They all wrestled well that round,” Vandall said.

Jesse Reed got a win in the next round. Dominique, Boysun, Williams and Maddox Reum all lost their second matches. “They wrestled really hard, just couldn’t pull off the win,” Vandall said. “John, Maddox and Sam lost their next matches. That knocked them out of the big meet.”

Reed won his second match to put him into the semis. “All the boys, but Jesse wrestled the second day in a mixer matches. They all got one or two matches and did well. They are showing signs of improvement each time out.” Reed lost his semi-finals match. “He had a tough kid who was ranked fifth in the state. Jesse fought back to finish third. “He is doing a good job,” Vandall said. “He is getting noticed by coaches. A lot of them really don’t want to meet him and he is an eighth grader. He is becoming solid. We just have to minimize mistakes.”

The girls also performed well. Jeina Reum and Joli Beston had combined weight classes.

Reum went 0-2 in the girls’ tournament. “She wrestled very hard. We had the top kid from Simms at 107. We just couldn’t hold her on her back. We had her turned quite a few times, just could hold her.” She weighs 92 pounds so gives up about 15 pounds when weight classes are combined.

Beston went 2-1 in the tournament. “We got some sweet revenge on the girl from Conrad that caught us in a bad match. We pinned her in the second. We lost to a tough girl in the finals. She was a heavier girl in the 145 bracket,” Vandall said. “The strength was a factor. All and all, during the week we saw some needed work in areas.”

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