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Wolves Fare Well At Glasgow Wrestling Meet


Many of many wrestlers being ill in the area, Wolf Point’s high mixer was canceled last week. The did complete at the Scottie invite in Glasgow during the weekend.

“We had a pretty solid day on Friday really. We had three kids that started getting sick that a.m. and it really affected their matches,” Wolf Point Coach Scott Vandall said.

Kasey Reed went 0-2 on the weekend. Vandall said Reed started getting sick Thursday night. “He was up in the the match and just couldn’t breathe the one match. And that kid really shouldn’t have even been within five points of kasey, but he battled as hard as he could even with the loses.”

Jonathan Williams wrestled hard, also going 0-2. “He started getting sick Friday a.m., but he battled hard,” Vandall said. “He is getting things. It’s starting to click. It’s hard to come out as a junior with no experience and taking on kids that have wrestled since they could walk. So I’m not disappointed in him at all.”

Maddox Reum went 2-2 in the big tournament and 1-0 on Saturday’s last chance. “Maddox had a pretty good weekend. He was in a dog fight with a kid from Colstrip in his last match on Friday,” Vandall said. “He took a pretty hard knee to the head midway through the match. It was just a wrestling situation. It hurt a bit. It kind of affected him for a few seconds. He also wrestled well, worked things that we worked in all week. He starting to find his groove” Sam Boysun went 2-3 in the tournament and 0-1 on Saturday. “Sam has come along well this week. He made some freshman mistakes, but that’s to be expected,” Vandall said. “He did a good job on his weight this weekend. He made the weight and managed it well. He had some really good matches. He lost a rematch Saturday with a Chinook kid but did a good job.”

Jesse Reed wrestled very well and went 4-2. He placed seventh.

“That’s not a bad showing for an eighth grader,” Vandall said. “He lost to the varsity guy from Glendive, a Class A school. He made a couple younger wrestler mistakes but was right there most of the time. I’m very pleased.”

For the girls, Jeina Reum battled hard. “She was just coming off the sick bug. They combined 100 and 107 again, so she gave up a lot of weight,” Vandall said. “You could tell she wasn’t feeling well. Some of those matches she should have just dominated. She didn’t win a match, but it was OK.”

Samantha Reed had a great weekend. She was 5-2 with her only loses to teammate Joli Beston.

“Samantha finished second on the weekend. She started finishing her shots and things were clicking good,” Vandall said. “I was very happy with her.”

Joli Beston went 7-0 on the weekend and earned first. “She was on target this weekend. She also has found her shot,” Vandall said. “The only bad thing was she and Samantha had to battle under the lights. It’s hard not to give instructions to the kids when they are wrestling, but when we have teammates going we just sit back and let them do their thing. Then we talk with the afterwards.”

The Wolves will head to Fort Benton and Great Falls starting on Thursday, Dec. 15. This will be a joint venture with Poplar and Circle teams as the wrestlers will be tracking together.

The Great Falls meet is a big meet. It will be a 64-man bracket more then likely for all weights.

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