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Valley County To Start Enforcing Landfill Rules

At press time, the Valley County Refuse District is expected to approve the assessing of fees upon Valley County residents who dump items other than household garbage into container sites at the Valley County Landfill.

The new rules limit the use of the container sites to the dumping of household garbage only. If a load contains any items other than daily household garbage, the scale and landfill must be used to dispose of those items.

When a resident takes the garbage across the scale and weighs less than 400 pounds, a flat rate of $5.00 will be assessed. Anything in excess of that amount will be charged based upon tonnage.

Individuals not using the scale when required will be assessed fees according to this schedule: Pickup, Single Axle Trailer: $100 per load; Tandem Axle Trailer, Single Axle Farm Truck: $200 per load; Tandem Axle Farm Truck, Triple Axle Trailer: $400 per load.

After notice of a fee being assessed is given, failure to pay in a timely manner it may be deemed a theft of services and will be referred to the Valley County Sheriff’s Office and could result in prosecution.

What is Household Garbage- It is waste which is generated in the day to day operations of a household. Solid waste comprising of garbage and rubbish (such as bottles, cans, clothing, compost, disposables, food packaging, food scraps, newspapers, magazines, yard trimmings, etc.) that originates from private houses and apartments.

The following items are not considered household garbage items: railroad ties, construction materials, shingles/ roofing material and tires.

The Valley County Refuse Board will be meeting at 5 p.m. on May 19 to make the final decision on assessing fines on those residents who don’t follow the new guidelines.

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