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Fish And Wildlife Commission To Meet Nov. 12

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet Nov. 12 at FWP Headquarters in Helena. The meeting will be streamed live via video to all FWP regional o_ces. The meeting will also be audio streamed online at The meeting begins at 8:15 a.m. and will end at 1 p.m.

The commission will hear the following presentations and proposals:

•Madison River Petition presentations including an overview of the petition process and presentations from Madison River Foundation, Montana Sportsmen Alliance (Trout Unlimited - George Grant Chapter, Skyline Sportsman Association, Ana- conda Sportsmen Association, and the Public Lands Water Access Association), and Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana

•Holter Reservoir Fishing Regulation Changes (R4)

•Authorization of Paddlefi sh Bonus Points

•Overview of Department Communication Planning FWP ensures its meetings are fully accessible to those with special needs. To request arrangements, call FWP at 406-444-3186.

For the full agenda, go to the FWP website at fwp.; under “Quick Links” click “Commission.”

FWP's website o_ers live streamed audio of each Fish & Wildlife Commission meeting. The public can also view a live television feed of the meeting at FWP regional o_ces. FWP Headquarters is located at 1420 E. 6th Avenue, Helena.

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