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Wolf Point Holds Eighth-Grade Graduation Ceremony

Wolf Point Junior High School celebrated the accomplishments of 54 students during its eighth-grade graduation ceremony on Tuesday, May 28.

Receiving the Outstanding Eighth Grade Awards were Adalynn Smith and Chaz Kegley. Earning the runner-up honors were Ma’Kenzie Jackson and Jairo Tumonong. The awards are based on faculty nominations and are selected based on leadership, scholarship and citizenship.

Honor students speakers were Zachary Hilkemann, Stephanie Martell, Adalynn Smith, Aaron Johnson and Jairo Tumonong. Each of them thanked their fellow students, teachers and parents for their support. They also shared special memories of their time in junior high school.

Tumonong, who is heading back to the Philippines with his family, mentioned the challenges of the English language during his speech. He said some words can be pronounced the same but mean completely different things.

He discussed his success in spelling bees. He said he learned that it’s not all about winning, but lessons learned such as discipline and hard work.

“Your hospitality gave me a welcoming time here in the U.S.,” Tumonong said to the students. He added that he will hold on to the memories and always have Wolf Point in his heart. “Go Wolves,” Tumonong shouted at the end of his speech.

Class members included Layla Alvstad, Kardell Archambault, Mattie Azure, Mar’Tavius Bad Hawk, Michael Bad Hawk III, Aleigha Bear, Tyana Black Eagle, Cadence Bouldin, Christian Brock, Raelene Brock, Xavier Campbell, Arabelle Castro-Stretches, Kailani Chamberlain, Dreyson Clark, Jay Davis, Brenden Drum, Keynen Grandchamp, Jaxon Harmon, Ta’Leigha Headdress, Zachary Hilkemann, Cole Holen, Sequoyah Hotomanie, Randran Imus, Kasen Ironmaker, Ma’Kenzie Jackson, Aaron Johnson, Lucas Johnson, Chaz Kegley, Kaleigha Laverdure, Xavier Lilley, Cherish Lindsay, Furious Martell, Gabriella Martell, Justyne Martell, Stephanie Martell, Azarea McConnell, Amirah Oleyte, Benjamin Onstad, Evie Onstad, Ezekial Payne, Jazzmyn Robinson-Martell, Kassidy Schauer, Mackiya Schindler, Adalynn Smith, Ja’Korey Spotted Bird, Miliek Standing Rock, Sheena Standing Rock, Anessa Summers, Jairo Tumonong, Harper Weeks, Caylene Welch, Chad Welch Jr., Colton Weyrauch, Ryan White Horse Jr., Maverick Wounded Face and Curtis Yellowtail-Johnson.

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