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Culbertson School Board Swears In New Members

The Culbertson School Board held its regular meeting May 21. School election results were canvassed: Mark A. Colvin received 140 votes, Amber Fox had 141 and Lisa Steppler received 235. Newly elected trustees Fox and Steppler were sworn in.

During reorganization of the board, Ian Walker was selected chair with Chris Petersen as vicechair and Lora Finnicum as district clerk.

Trustee Wendy Becker made motion to approve the budget amendment proclamation in the elementary for $402,000 and the high school for $148,000. The motion carried unanimously.

Reports were presented. Students, in partnership with Fish, Wildlife and Parks, went to Ike’s Pond for fishing.

Sophomores participated in the pre-ACT for practice. Staff expressed their gratitude for the staff appreciation bonus and goodies.

Twenty-three students participated in state music festival, with nine superiors and two excellent ratings.

Fifth grade hosted its annual flea market and will decide where to donate their proceeds.

Missoula Children’s Theatre fundraising activities were explained. Concerns were expressed with “the lack of communication regarding play expenses coming from the activity account and a limit on fund balances.” The 2025 Missoula Children’s Theatre contract was approved, with a $3,000 payment coming from the District’s pcard rebate. Fundraising or MCT Play Account would be responsible for any housing or additional expenses incurred.

Communication and expectations will be developed for class and activity advisors.

Brian Manning requested to rent the 14-passenger van to travel to a football camp, but he needs to find a driver. The request was tabled.

Summer student custodians Peyton Jahns, Owen Annett, Serenity Wilbanks, Jacklynne McDonald and Chris Chilson were hired.

The resignation of Julie Bailey was approved effective May 15.

A special board meeting was held May 31 to approve Manning’s request for bus rental. The fee is $.50 per mile with all expenses covered by the renter. Mark Colvin agreed to drive the bus.

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