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Lustre News Lustre News

Graduation was held at Lustre High School on Sunday, May 19, at 3 p.m. The processional was played by Meridith Reddig, and Pastor Justin Byers opened in prayer. The class verse was Psalms 145:13 “For your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. You rule throughout all generations.” Honor attendants were Mason Hilkemann and Abby Olfert. The five grads who wore white stoles and blue cords were in National Honor Society. They wore gold cords if their grade point average was 3.5 and above.

Cayden Klatt was privileged to wear a silver cord recognizing his first place in Academic Olympics.

The salutatorian address was given by Cassidy Grider of Cataula, Calif. She spoke of the impact her 2½ years at LCHS had been, especially learning about community, where “they constantly love and support each other.” She encouraged her classmates, “never forget what a community looks like. If someone needs help, help them. Let them see Jesus through you.”

The valedictorian address was given by Grace Brown, daughter of the late Darin and Sarah Brown of Lustre. She also thanked the community for their support “whether we were home grown or not,” noting “a special thank you to all the pastors we have in Lustre”. She reviewed the firsts her class had faced and addressed what they would face when they went to college. She encouraged her classmates to: 1) “make new friends who will help you grow,” 2) “find a good church to go to continue being grounded in the Word,” 3) attend a college Bible study that will support you through your college years and 4) set aside time daily for God, reading the Word, praying, walking with God.” She said, “Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. As Mr. Marasco taught us, the world is full of lies. You must know the Word. You must not walk alone and be willing to ask your parents for help.”

Chosen by the senior class, the commencement address was given by Bernie Swartzendruber, the dorm dad. He commended the seniors on their chapel addresses and encouraged them “to run the next chapter of your life with all your heart”. Having been asked to speak on life’s challenges, Swartzendruber gave them a charge: “Pay very close attention to the providential details God has woven into our life.” “Press forward before and following life’s experiences. You may be knocked down, but not knocked out. Get back up and press forward. You will complete your journey with joy, using DHP: Discipline, a Hard Work Ethic and Perseverance. As you follow God-inspired aspirations, may He Himself become the pursuit of your lives.”

He asked the students, “What brings you satisfaction?” Giving the story of Esther as an example, he recommended they “Ask the Holy Spirit to choose for you at the crossroads of decision.” He told them they would “need the strong fortress of truth to be able to serve the Lord.” “Always put God first, others next and yourself last.” “The garden of your heart is your responsibility to tend. Ask The Good Shepherd to take out the weeds, to guard and protect you.”

He quoted Luke 22:31, warning of the “sifting of one’s faith, and the purest gold is refined in the hottest fire.” “Life’s challenges will make you face fires. Allow God to work His purposes in the process.” “May all who come behind you be able to trace a faithful life when they see yours.” He chose Pastor Wayne Hathaway as a faithful role model, facing trials. “May the guidelines and rules that dictated your life be replaced by a relationship with God and servant-hood.” “Seek your life’s purpose. Buy truth! It’s expensive, like the Pearl of great price. The day you stop pursuing The Lord, is one day too soon.” He told those who do not yet know their life’s purpose, to “Listen, watch. Seek the Lord. Commit to doing a service that will benefit your fellow man.” Using Eric Liddell of 1924 Olympic fame as an example and quoting I Cor. 9:24, Swartzendruber encouraged them to “Run to win, embrace the cross, finish the course. Fight the good fight, endure hardness. There is a war going on for the souls of men. Know your enemy, and his tactics. Take the baton the Lord hands you. Don’t let life derail you. You have a gift, and you were called to run. Only you can run your race. Always keep your eyes on Jesus.”

Kevin Ross presented the bios of our 13 grads and announced their scholarships/ plans. Valedictorian (4.00 GPA) Grace Brown will be attending MSU Billings for a radiology degree. Salutatorian Cassidy Grider will be attending the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Okla., majoring in journalism. Ife Anobi of Nigeria will be attending the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlowtown to get a BA in administration. Eyosias Ayalew of Ethiopia will be attending the University of Minnesota at Crookston, for a degree in accounting. Sarah Dahl, daughter of the late Dale and Connie Dahl of Wolf Point, will be attending Miles Community College in Miles City for a degree in nursing. Aubri Holzrichter, daughter of Jared and Brooke Holzrichter, will be attending Tabor College in Kansas for a degree in accounting. Terran Joseph of the Bahamas will attend the University of Montana for a degree in technology. Cayden Klatt, son of Justin and Kimberly Klatt of Lustre will be attending Dickinson College in North Dakota for accounting. Layla Quiroz of Temecula, Calif., will be attending Montana State University in Bozeman to study law. Alexa Reddig, daughter of Bill and Trisha Reddig of Lustre, will be attending North Central University in Minneapolis, Majoring in English and playing college basketball. Mitchella Rosidor of Haita will attend MSU Billings, taking nursing to become a midwife. Gabriel Sapp of Orlando, Fla., will attend the University of West Florida majoring in marine biology. Courtney Teichroew, son of Nolan and Michelle Teichroew of Lustre, will be joining the workforce and becoming a farmer in Saco.

Diplomas were awarded by chairman of the LCHS board, Curt Neufeld, assisted by sennior class advisor Trisha Reddig. The graduates presented roses to their mothers, as well as those women who influenced their lives during their high school days. Pastor Frank Lenihan closed the ceremony with a prayer of blessing over the students.

The Lustre Grade School held its graduation on Wednesday, May 22, with the largest class in years of 14 students. John Dubois welcomed the large crowd and expressed gratitude for watching these students grow from 4th through 8th graders, these four years being the best in his life. Jenny Mattyser emceed, introducing graduate Ashtyn Traeholt, teacher Mr. Agbisit and Don Traeholt who sang a trio called One day at at Time.

Kimberly Klatt was chosen by the students to be the speaker. She presented her thoughts in poetry form. A few thoughts from her speech are “God is your guide. Each of you have so much love to give. Follow Jesus with all your heart, and you can be the light. There will be dreams in your heart. If you keep your heart in alignment with Him you can be a bright light in a dark world. Go love high school and make an impact.” She gave them the verse Psalms 37:4.

The graduates were Kencia Brown, Justice Byers, Holly Hilkemann, Sheila Jones, Lauren Fast, Ashtyn Traeholt, Sidney Klatt, Tessa Olfert, Wheeler Damboise, Bryson Allen, Joel Reddig, Cayden Charett, AJ Lloyd, Christopher Traeholt.

Brent Unrau, LGS board chairman, recognized John Dubois for his four years of service to the school. He will be leaving to be the superintendent at Great Falls Central High School. The board chair also recognized Kathleen Dambois for her seven years teaching at LGS. She will be leaving for another opportunity.

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