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Western Native Voice Announces Ballot Builder

Recognizing that voters are motivated most by the state and local issues that impact their everyday lives, Western Native Voice and Branch Politics have collaborated to engage voters with transparent, accurate information about where candidates stand on the issues that matter most.

Ballot Builder helps voters easily understand what is on their ballot before they go to vote, in a nonpartisan way. Voters may visit wnv.branch. vote and enter their address. Ballot Builder walks them through everything they’ll see on their unique ballot, including what the offices do, who the candidates are and where they stand on key issues.

“This tool was created to empower Native American voters to make informed decisions about every candidate and simplify complex ballot initiatives,” stated Ronnie Jo Horse, executive director of Western Native Voice. “It’s a step towards ensuring voters feel more confident when exercising their right to vote.”

For additional details about Ballot Builder, contact Tracie Garfield at tgarfield@westernnativevoice. org or Walter Ley at

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