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Scammers Targeting Medicare Enrollees; Urinary Catheter Scam Activity Increasing

The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General warns Medicare enrollees of a rising scam targeting their sensitive information.

Scammers are luring individuals with offers of free services, medical equipment or gift cards in exchange for Medicare numbers, enabling fraudulent activities.

Renee Labrie-Shanks, Director of the Statewide Senior Medicare Patrol Program at MAS, urges vigilance, “If someone offers free medical equipment and asks for your Medicare number, it's a red flag. Hang up immediately.”

Your personal information, once compromised, can fuel other fraudulent schemes.

Protect yourself: scrutinize Medicare Summary Notices or Medicare Advantage EOB’s carefully.

“You're the frontline defense against fraud,” Labrie-Shanks emphasizes. “Medicare processes millions of claims daily, but only you can spot discrepancies.”

Remember: never share your Medicare number unless with your provider's office. Unsolicited requests should raise suspicions. Your Medicare information is precious — guard it fiercely. Stay alert, stay protected.

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