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Frontier Middle School Students Excel In National History Day Competition

Frontier Middle School Students Excel In National History Day Competition Frontier Middle School Students Excel In National History Day Competition

Over the past five months, students at Frontier Middle School have been engaged in an exciting personalized history project that turned into an impressive showing at the National History Day competition. Assigned various time periods, students embarked on in-depth research, developed compelling theses, and honed their historical analysis skills.

The National History Day program, although active prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, saw a resurgence in Montana this year. Frontier Middle School rallied its students, who eagerly presented their projects at the school's Good Vibes event. Prior to Good Vibes, students had the option to compete regionally, with 20 students representing Frontier School at the regional event in Miles City in February.

To qualify for the state competition, students incorporated feedback from Good Vibes and the regional event into their projects. Frontier's dedicated students willingly completed the task by attending after-school programs to further refine their projects and become experts on their chosen topics.

On April 10, 17 Frontier School students showcased their projects at the state competition in Bozeman. Impressively, five students emerged victorious and secured a spot at the National competition, scheduled for June 9-13 at the University of Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C. Here is a list of the remarkable projects presented by Frontier School NHD competitors: The Blackfeet Migration to Montana - Jazz Azure (Exhibit Board) Buffalo Jumps: The Native Americans' New Way To Kill - Jett Azure (Exhibit Board) Women of the 1920s: Paving the Way for Future Generations - Kenzley Copenhaver (Documentary) A Bond Broken: Culture Loss Due to Boarding Schools - Makenzie Crawford (Exhibit Board) Lost Voices: Impacts of Boarding Schools - Miley Crawford (Exhibit Board) The Space Race Apollo 11: How it Changed Technology Forever - Sophia Crawford (Exhibit Board) Stars and How They Were Discovered - Ashlynn Johannessen (Exhibit Board) Ancient Olympics - Da'Rae Deserly (Exhibit Board) The Pyramids - Damari Martinez (Exhibit Board) The Emancipation Proclamation: Freed African American Lives - Frankie Gourneau (Exhibit Board) Berlin: Dying, Here's America! - Fredrich Savior (Exhibit Board) Native American Beadwork Throughout the Years - Haidyn Gray Hawk (Exhibit Board) Julius Caesar: The Greatest Roman Dictator - Kayeikio Villaluz (Documentary) The Punic Wars and the Economic Battles for Control of Resources - Max Rees (Website) The Roaring Twenties: Changing Women's Fashion Forever - Monica Uy (Exhibit Board) The Battle of Gaugamela: Changing History for Good Reed Garfield (Exhibit Board) Roaring Twenties: Changes African American History with Jazz Music-Sophia Ricker (Exhibit Board) Buffalo Slaughter: Build up and effects on Native Americans - Ania Smoker (Exhibit Board) The success of Frontier School students in the NHD competition is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and academic prowess. The National History Day program, sponsored by the Education Department at Montana State University, attracted approximately 700 students statewide this year, highlighting the academic rigor required of national qualifiers.

Qualifiers to nationals for Frontier School are Aniya Smoker, Kayeiki Villaluz, Kenzley Copenhaver, Max Rees and alternate Miley Crawford.

In light of their achievement, Frontier School students are seeking support for their fundraising efforts as they prepare for the national contest. Donations can be made by contacting Tina Strauser at 406-650-6113.

National History Day is a nationally recognized academic enrichment program that promotes the study of history in schools. Modeled after science fairs, it encourages students to take a creative approach to studying history, fostering critical thinking and research skills. The 2024 theme, “Turning Points in History,” has inspired students to explore significant topics related to state, tribal, national, or world history, resulting in impressive projects that showcase their passion for learning and historical inquiry.

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