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Church Members Feel Led To Serve

Church Members Feel Led To Serve Church Members Feel Led To Serve

Helping Hands

During their nearly three years in Wolf Point now, Pastor Arch Woodstock and his wife, Sandy, of Community Bible Church have made a point to lend a hand to the less privileged in the community.

First, they started their Green Bean Ministry where they provide drinks and food to the needy at Triangle Park. Next came Hubbard’s Cupboard where individuals could obtain clothing items to stay warmer during Montana’s cold winter conditions.

“We really feel God has led us here and this is what we’re supposed to do,” Pastor Woodstock said.

He added that he’s been surprised with the number of individuals who need assistance in Wolf Point. “We’re surprised but glad that we can help and be part of the solution,” Woodstock said. They are thankful how welcoming a community that Wolf Point has been to them.

They said the Green Bean Ministry has fed about 40 people each Tuesday and Saturday. “It just took off,” Woodstock said of the amount of people attending.

They are thankful for the “financial givers” who made it possible to provide ham and cheese sandwiches. Other food items have included doughnuts, coffee and hot chocolate.

The individuals were also able to enjoy meals on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter at the park.

Pastor Woodstock said it’s nice that the individuals aren’t relying on the meals but express their appreciation for having the food.

Woodstock noted that it’s been truly a community effort to make the events happen. One of the biggest donors was Doug Erickson, who recently passed away.

The Woodstocks are hopeful that other individuals step up and take part in the ministry. Arch says he has a simple answer when people ask him why he goes through the effort.

“That’s what Jesus would do if he was here,” Woodstock said. “He always fed those that needing feeding.”

Hubbard’s Cupboard, under the direction of Linda Hubbard, has provided many coats, gloves and caps in the area.

Hubbard said a total of 129 individuals received items during Wednesdays in the winter. In addition, a lunch was held at Community Bible Church each of those days.

Woodstock said although there have been some disappointing instances, he can say a larger amount of people are coming sober to the events.

“It’s very rewarding,” Woodstock said.

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