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Tribal Executive Board Forms Committee On Solar


Resolutions passed at the Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board full meeting March 25 included the honoring of Grant Stafne, Vermae Taylor, Ronnie Adams and Willard Miller with $500 each and star quilts for their service to the tribes.

A resolution was also passed to prepare and provide Federal Application for Assistance to the U.S. Department of Commerce for subsequent consideration and procurement of available Disaster Supplemental Funding for use in updating the Fort Peck Tribes Comprehensive CEDS planning document.

A loan of $100,000 was approved to the Fort Peck manufacturing revolving loan fund. Tom Weeks was authorized to start the construction process on the feeding sites for Poplar and Wolf Point.

The board approved $75,000 for the gaming department for upgrades on 30 machines.

Sunee Erickson was approved as the secretary accountant at a supplemental rate of $7 per hour.

Administrative leave was granted for council members Dana Buckles for March 13 and Marva Chapman for March 14.

A right of entry was granted for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete monitoring of selected pump sites of tribal lands.

Authorization was granted for the establishment of a Solar for All committee to investigate and develop solar energy opportunities for the Fort Peck community.

Fort Peck Transit was approved as the recipient of all 5311 funds and TransADE funding.

The transit director was approved to reclassify the transit drivers to offer higher wages for drivers.

The Fort Peck Flousing Authority was approved to submit for the 2024 Indian Flousing Block Grant in thee amount of $5,677,373.

The board approved the purchase of a Freightliner semi truck from Kyle Hentges for the amount of $63,500.

CareSolace was approved to interview F1PDP personnel. SBRRC personnel, tribal council members and their families for the purposes of therapy. A new contract with The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations was approved for adolescent residential treatment services.

Milton Bighorn was approved for the FIPDP director of community wellness position effective March 25.

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