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Pepsi Classic Set For April 9

Area high school basketball players will show off their talents during the third annual District 2C Pepsi Classic All-Star game at Lambert High School on Tuesday, April 9. Action starts with the girls’ game at 6:30 p.m. The boys’ contest will start at about 7:30 p.m.

Teams are divided into white and blue squads for both games.

The white team for the girls’ game includes Plentywood’s Mallory Tommerup, Bainville’s Hailey Berwick, Richey/Lambert;s Keira Rains, Culbertson’s Destiny Thompson, Savage’s Brooke Reuter, MonDak’s Abby Lowes, Bainville’s Miah Pippenger and Richey/Lambert’s Shaelyn Williams.

The blue team consists of Bainville’s Elsie Wilson, Plentywood’s Paityn Curtiss, Froid/Lake’s Brooklyn Nordwick, Plentywood’s Audrey Sampson, Froid/Lake’s Mara Salvevold, Richey/Lambert’s Jolee Klempel, Brockton’s Tamryn Bauer and Savage’s Karley McPherson.

The white team for the boys’ contest includes Froid/ Lake’s Mason Dethman, Savage’s Sayer Erickson, Bainville’s Charles Butikofer, Plentywood’s Chance Klein, Plentywood’s Ben Hagan, Brockton’s Jarid Fast Horse, Richey/Lambert’s Austin Lien, Plentywood’s Landon Flickinger and Culbertson’s Donte Eagle Boy.

Members of the blue team are Plentywood’s Carson Solberg, Savage’s Hunter Sanders, Froid/Lake’s Nate Stentoft, Savage’s Zane Pilgeram, Plentywood’s Noah Murray, Culbertson’s Bridger Salvevold, Bainville’s Samuel Butikofer, MonDak’s Thomas Arnson, Froid/Lake’s Daniel Forizs and Brockton’s Josh Firemoon.

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