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Commissioners Approve Bid, Law Enforcement Agreement

Roosevelt County commissioners approved a bid on Tuesday, March 5, from Two Diggers, Inc., of Glasgow in the amount of $709,319 for a slab replacement project on County Road 2031.

The other bids for the project were $840,240 by Bishop Inc., and $1,155,349 from Martin Construction.

Both commissioners Robert Toavs and Gordon Oelkers approved the bid. Commissioner Gary Macdonald had an excused absence from the meeting.

Toavs noted Two Diggers is a pretty local company and also had the lowest bid.

Oelkers noted the bid was much higher than when the project was first discussed about four or five years ago.

“It’s tough on these budgets that these [higher] bids are coming in,” Oelkers explained. “It’s a struggle.”

He noted that construction costs appear to be decreasing on the western end of the state, so it’s hoped that the trend hits the rest of the state.

In other business, commissioners approved interlocal law enforcement agreements with the towns of Culbertson, Froid and Bainville. Rate is about $98-$99 an hour for patrol by the sheriff’s office.

Oelkers said now it’s up to the cities to approve the agreements, since the cities are the ones paying for the services.

Commissioners agreed by a 2-0 margin not to pay the membership dues for former county attorney Janet Christoffersen to the State Bar of Montana. Total fees amounted to $530.45.

Commissioners explained that a letter was sent to Christoffersen on Jan. 31, regarding that a new county attorney was hired and would start duties sometime in February. Christoffersen submitted her claim on Feb. 8.

Toavs said the county pays for such memberships for employees, but Christoffersen’s dues are for a time period when she will not be working for Roosevelt County. ership position and that’s what interested her about the position in Roosevelt County.

She said it has been a smooth transition for her in Roosevelt County. People have been welcoming to her as far as the sheriff’s office, commissioners, her office and other county offices.

Diekhans feels her strengths include her experience of working in criminal law for 17 years.

“I’ve made the jump because I feel it’s right for me and Roosevelt County. I’m here to work for the citizens,” she said. “I’m very excited to work here.”

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