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Tribes Talk Head Start, Dispensary Licensing


The Fort Peck Tribal Board held their full meeting Monday, Feb. 12. The council passed resolutions impacting the Head Start facility in Wolf Point, compensation for tribal police officers and licensing for marijuana dispensaries.

During Law and Justice, the council approved Jakeb Bushman and Blaine Vielle for permanent appointments as case manager and correctional officers. A memorandum of understanding was approved between the Tribes and the Rosebud Sioux Tribes Corrections for reciprocal use of jail bed space and a resolution was passed approving Tribal Police Officer James Summers for an increase in pay from $32.03 per hour to $36.61 per hour, with back pay.

The Education Department’s request to give back pay to Goldie Red Eagle for the period of Oct. 23 to Dec. 23 was approved.

Class 7 license certifications were approved for Assiniboine language committee speakers Ken Ryan, Viola Woods, Rodney Miller and Joe Miller and Sioux committee members Ramey Growing Thunder. Tomecina Escarcega, Alexx James and Ethan Three Stars.

The Fort Peck Tribes Head Start Program was approved to use the Wolf Point Community Hall’s kitchen and gymnasium until June 2025 or until other facilities are available. Head Start was also approved for one-time funding of $249,000 for the demolition of the current Wolf Point Head Start facility.

During economic development, the council passed a payment of $500 for Judy Grey Bear’s family in her honor for years of service.

Interstate Engineering’s Ryan Kopp was approved to start a task order for improvements to feeding centers in Wolf Point and Poplar.

Sonosky Reid & Chamber were approved to look into the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the State of Montana for allowing dispensaries to open on the reservation, with particular emphasis on closing the Bloom Montana dispensary in Wolf Point.

A service contract between Western Native Voice and the Fort Peck Tribes Day Labor Program was also approved.

The finance committee approved the Fort Peck Tribes Credit Program’s request to temporarily shut down the TRUST program.

A resolution was approved to increase the daily meeting wages of all tribal entities and programs $125 to $150 per meeting.

The gaming department was approved for relocation from the old Sunrise building west of Poplar.

Law enforcement was put of a 60-day notice to vacate the roller rink premise. The roller rink facility was assigned to operations manager Sunee Erickson for conditional purposes. Erickson was also appointed as the temporary secretary accountant for the Tribes until the position can be permanently filled.

Land and minerals’ approved a planning grant to complete a preliminary engineering report utilizing Coal Endowment Program, DNRC, RRGL and other funding sources.

The Tribes IRR/TTP program was approved for a budget of $758,281 for fiscal year 2024.

Ruth Jackson’s family was approved to receive $500 in her honor and in recognition of her service.

The Natural Resources Council was approved to request assistance for grasshopper control from APHIS.

The council acknowledged the acceptance of an award from Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council for the health department to implement a program for opioid prevention efforts.

The council approved a contract with ABSS to provide competent and qualified supplemental staffing to the Tribal health department.

A bid from Sand Electric was approved for new temporary services in the amount of $4,500 and permanent electrical services in the amount of $9,500 for a total contract of $14,000.

The Health Promotion, Disease Prevention program was approved to contract Jenifer Moran Loucks for the Director of Nursing position.

Vernon First was approved as Director of Veterans Affairs for an additional 30 days or until the position is filled and Chris Fourstar was approved in the position of Deputy Director For Tribal Health.

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