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Bulldogs Win Conference Title

Bainville earned two victories over Brockton to end the regular season on Saturday, Feb. 10.

In the girls’ game, Bainville posted a 58-22 victory to clinch the top seed for the district tournament.

It is the first time that Bainville’s girls have won the District 2C league championship since 1987.

The Bulldogs gained a 16-8 lead in the first quarter and held a 26-11 half-time advantage.

Bainville’s top scorers included Elsie Wilson with 10 points and Hailey Berwick with nine points. Also scoring were Brecklyn Pippenger with seven, Kendra Romo with seven, Addison Hansen with six, Miah Pippenger with six, Chandi Johnson with five Tally Berwick with four and Kaelyn Romo with four points.

KayJay First That Walks scored 10 points for Brockton. Also scoring were Marlene Fish with five, Clara Clampitt with four and Clara Clampitt with four points.

In the boys’ game, the Bulldogs scored a 71-31 victory.

Bainville led 18-5 at the end of the first quarter and by a 30-13 half-time margin. Bainville outscored Brockton by a 27-5 margin in the fourth period.

Top scorers for the Bulldogs were Sam Butikofer with 24 and Chuck Butikofer with 13 points.

Also scoring for Cayden Boyd with nine, Alex Strickland with nine, Reese Harmon with six, Reed Winn with three, Carter Winn with three, Trevor Robertus with two and Isaiah Bjorge with two.

Ronnie Black Dog scored nine points for the Warriors. Rounding out the scoring were Miles Boxer with six, Quincy Belgarde with five, Josh Firemoon with four, Wambidi Yellowhammer with three, Kameron Rattling Thunder with two and Quannah First That Walks with two.

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