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Temps Expected Higher Than Normal For Month

The weather ready briefing for eastern Montana and northern Wyoming was conducted by National Weather Service staff Luke Arends of Billings and Scott Rozanski of Glasgow last week.

The forecast through Feb. 5, is leaning toward likely above normal temperatures and above normal precipitation for the area.

Arends said that for the month of February, forecasts are leaning above normal temperatures with an equal chance of above or below normal amounts of precipitation.

The three-month outlook through April is leaning toward above normal temperatures and normal amounts of precipitation.

During the month of December, Montana experienced statewide high record temperatures.

“We stayed on the upper end pretty much all of December,” Arends said.

January was “a different story” with much colder temperatures. Glasgow had a daily record low temperature of 35 degrees below zero on Jan. 13. Saco reported an all-time record of 51 degrees below zero.

Other cities with record low temperatures on Jan. 13 included Miles City, Billings and Sheridan, Wyo.

For a recap of 2023, temperatures and precipitation were normal for most of the state. A lot of the precipitation came during the end of May and early June.

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