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TEB Approves Buffalo For Vets, Voting Access


The Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board held its regular meeting Monday, Jan. 22. Among numerous procedural votes, the board passed a resolution to replace a furnace in the Lords Table Church utilizing ARPA funds in the amount of $3,000.

Mike Olson was approved as housing board commissioner for Fort Kipp; Joellen Grandchamp for Oswego and Michael Redstone for Frazer.

Fish and Game was approved to apply for $50,000 in funds to address livability needs for the Eco-Lodge, based on a 2022 Fort Peck Tribes Inspector report, including bathroom fixtures, roof repair/replacement, flooring, utilities repairs and necessary upgrades.

A resolution was passed approving the Tribes request to take possession of houses and property in Wolf Point and Poplar from the BIA asis. A resolution of support was passed backing a plan for BIA to fund a paved parking lot for the Red Bird Women Center administration and shelter buildings.

The board backed a plan to work with Western Native Voice to send a resolution letter to the Montana Secretary of State requesting satellite offices on the reservation for voting.

A total of $80,657.75 from ARPA funds were obligated for central square software for law enforcement to better work with Roosevelt County. Four buffalo were allocated to the veteran’s affairs program to be processed and handed out to tribal veterans on the reservation.

Stacey FourStar was approved as the designee and TEB member Bryce Kirk as the alternate designee for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons task force.

Chairman Justin Gray Hawk’s recommendation to accept CFO Randy Redpath’s resignation passed with a slim margin of 6-4.

TEB is the duly elected body representing the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation and is empowered to act on behalf of the Tribes. For more information, visit fortpecktribes. org.

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