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30 and Kaniel Ricker with ….


30 and Kaniel Ricker with 27 points. Geordy Medicine Cloud and Walker Burshia added six points each. Also scoring were Kameron Reum with four, Cetan Growing Thunder with four and William Youngman with three.

Leading Harlem were Cody McCabe with 12, Matthew Bilmayer with 11, Tommy Chapagne Jr. with 11 and Diondre Firstraised with 10 points.

Poplar’s girls posted a 6543 victory.

The Indians jumped out to a 22-11 lead in the first quarter and held a 34-20 half-time advantage.

Poplar tallied 22 points in the third quarter for a 56-32 lead.

Top scorers for the Indians were Braelyn Nordwick with 16, Cammie Martell with 14 and Kessee Erickson with 10 points.

Also scoring were Mattie Falls Down with six, Bailey Dupree with five, EmmaRae Martell with five, Sadee Archambeault with two , Toni Brown with two and Rikki Belton with two.

Poplar will host Glasgow on Friday, Feb. 2, and head to Fairview on Saturday, Feb. 3.

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