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Senior Profile Davidson Enjoys Time In Classroom

Senior Profile Davidson Enjoys Time In Classroom Senior Profile Davidson Enjoys Time In Classroom

Jaeleigh Davidson has been attending Froid School since she was in kindergarten. Although the senior is looking to graduating from high school, her days in a school setting probably won’t be over with in the near future.

Davidson plans to attend Minot State University and major in elementary education. She explains her time as an aide for second-grade teacher Abby Tunby made her become aware of the benefits of a possible teaching career.

“I enjoy being around the little kids,” Davidson said.

If she does end up in the teaching field, Davidson says she wants a job at a smaller school like Froid. “The bigger schools scare me,” she laughed.

During her high school years in Froid, Davidson has been involved in the activities of volleyball, basketball, Business Professionals of America, FFA and Explore America.

“Volleyball has always been my favorite sport,” she said. “I love to just play the game.”

Highlights have included playing at the Class C state volleyball tournament as a sophomore and helping the Red Hawks win the district championship as a junior.

She looks forward to the East Coast trip with her classmates through Explore America this spring. She has enjoyed selling hot chocolate, pizza and baked goods as fund-raisers for the program.

FFA has been another successful activity for her. She is a member of the floriculture team that has qualified for the state competition. The students placed third at last year’s state event.

“We’re going to place number one, that’s the goal,” Davidson said.

She explained that she enjoys the creativity involved in dealing with plants and admits that she has a love for flowers.

In the classroom, Davidson says her favorite subjects are wood shop and art. “I like that we get to build our own projects,” she said of wood shop. She enjoys many projects including painting in art class.

As far as picking her favorite teacher, Davidson said, “I like all my teachers equally. They all help me so much.”

She’s thankful for the entire community and that she received her education in Froid. She even remembers that her best friend in kindergarten was fellow senior Kaylee Olson.

“She’s definitely one of my best friends to this day,” Davidson said. “I like the community and that everybody knows each other. I like the small community.”


Froid High School senior Jaeleigh Davidson has attended classes in Froid since kindergarten.

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