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DPHHS Announces New Hiring Incentive


Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services director Charlie Brereton has announced onetime incentive payments and targeted, historic wage increases to recruit and retain employees at Montana’s staterun health care facilities.

The effort is designed to reduce reliance on contracted clinical staff and demonstrates DPHHS’s continued, strong commitment to reforming and investing in the facilities that serve Montana’s most vulnerable patients. Brereton announced the Hiring Incentive Program for direct patient care positions at all five state-run health care facilities, as well bonuses and wage reform at two facilities for existing staff working in positions with the highest vacancy rates. The pay adjustments for existing staff have been adopted following recent and successful discussions with the unions.

DPHHS will issue $7,500 incentive payments to external candidates hired into several targeted clinical positions staffed highest through contractors. Incentive payments will be made to successful candidates at the six- and 12-month marks of continuous employment.

The positions include registered nurses, certified nurse aides, direct support professionals, psychiatric technicians and forensic mental health technicians.

The hiring incentives will apply for new employees who are hired for an eligible position at the Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs, the Intensive Behavior Center in Boulder, the Montana Chemical Dependency Center in Butte, the Montana Mental Health Nursing Care Center in Lewistown, and the Montana Veterans’ Home in Columbia Falls.

To assist applicants, DPHHS has launched a new website at The site takes applicants directly to the State of Montana Careers page. It also includes a Step-by-Step document that guides individuals through the application process and details the incentive program.

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