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WPCO Members Select Housing Commissioners

WPCO Members Select Housing Commissioners WPCO Members Select Housing Commissioners

Myra Pipe and Nadine Adams were voted as housing commissioners during the Wolf Point Community Organization’s meeting held on Monday, Dec. 18.

The top two of six candidates were selected to the commission. Pipe received 59 votes while Adams had 41 votes. Also receiving votes were Viola Wood with 32, Kaci Wallette with 28, Susan Parker with 27 and Elizabeth Lingle with 14 votes.

During comments by candidates prior to the election, Pipe said she felt there’s a lot more potential for the housing commission. She said there are more benefits available for residents. “I know how to play this game and play it with my heart.” She said officials need to look at policies, but it doesn’t matter if applicants are friends or family members.

Adams said she has served for four terms and has worked with the housing authority for nine years. She feels her reputation speaks for itself. “The bottom line is we work for the tenants and make their lives better,” Adams said.

WPCO officials noted the gift exchange went extremely well this year. A total of 567 gifts and stockings were provided to area children. Volunteers wrapped presents and filled stocking for six nights.

Martina Wilson, environment program manager, and Jeff Berger, disaster emergency response coordinator, provided information about future projects on the Fort Peck Reservation.

Wilson said a project being done with support from EPA will provide shade and shelter at Wolf Point’s skate park.

The Fort Peck Tribes received a grant of $744,810 for recycling projects. Wilson said the funds will be used to add employees, provide more cardboard recycling stations and hopefully purchase another cardboard crusher. Plans also are to add a trailer in Wolf Point for the collection of plastic materials.

Wilson noted there are recycling collection stations for cardboard located at a variety of spots including Old Town Grill, Agland gas stations, High Plains and Town Pump in Wolf Point, Main Street Grocery, the Buckhorn and tribal business office in Poplar and Frazer school.

Berger discussed a path being considered between Wolf Point High School and the skate park so children can make the journey safely.

Officials are working to add stationary generators to spots across the reservation to use in case of emergencies.

Berger talked about buffalo connection trails being developed in the region as eco-tourism expansion projects.

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