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Students Commit To JMG Program

Students Commit To JMG Program Students Commit To JMG Program

History took place at Wolf Point High School and Wolf Point Junior High School on Wednesday, Dec. 13, when an induction ceremony was held for the schools’ Jobs for Montana Graduates’ program.

Advisors for the program are Mandi Campbell and Abby Traeholt.

Since the JMG members mentor at Southside Elementary School, students from Southside were in attendance to honor the older students. All of them happily shared a tasty breakfast.

“This is some important business we’re going to do and we wanted to share it with you,” Traeholt explained to the Southside students.

She noted there are about 20 high school and 20 junior high students involved in Wolf Point’s JMG program. This is the first year for the JMG program at the high school level.

Chairmen for the committees are BreaElle Standing for the high school and MarTavius BadHawk for the junior high school.

Other high school chairmen are Azalea Toavs, Zandon Calder, Karmyn Plain Feather and Roper Flaten.

Four goals of JMG are leadership and development, career preparation, civic awareness and social awareness.

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