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Professionals Deliver Gifts To Students

Professionals Deliver Gifts To Students Professionals Deliver Gifts To Students


Love Has No Color

There were plenty of smiles at area elementary schools last week thanks to the Love Has No Color program. A group of chiropractor are other professional delivered holiday gifts to students as part of the programs.

“It’s awesome,” Southside principal Tara Thomas said. “It’s a bright spot to our students’ lives. It really makes a difference.”

Schools visited were Southside, Northside, Frontier, Frazer, Brockton and Poplar.

“It’s pretty nice especially for the families who can’t afford it,” Wolf Point superintendent of schools David Perkins said.

Group leader Sarah Lajeuneese said the professionals really enjoy the experience of providing the gifts to the Fort Peck Reservation children.

“It’s the highlight of the year,” she said. “It’s just speaking to the kids, getting to play with them, their smiles and laughs.”

The program has been active since 2005.

“It’s so much fun,” Lajeuneese said.

Kenny Smoker, director of Fort Peck’s Health Promotion/Disease Prevention program, is pleased with how well the program works.

“Every year, it grows,” he said. “We have a lot of participants. It’s a good time.”

Smoker said that HPDP provides the approximate amount of elementary students on the Fort Peck Reservation, so it’s known how many gifts are needed. “Their patients donate for the cause,” Smoker said.

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