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Hamilton Succeeds In Sports, Classroom

Hamilton Succeeds In Sports, Classroom Hamilton Succeeds In Sports, Classroom

Wolf Point High School senior Sierra Hamilton is known for her accomplishments in athletics, but she also performs very well in the classroom.

She carries an overall grade point average of 3.7 including a 4.0 for the recent fall quarter. She is also a member of the National Honor Society.

Hamilton says her favorite class time is in guidance counselor office. Hamilton explains it gives her a chance to catch up on her work.

Her favorite educator is Erin Loendorf.

“I can always go and talk with her,” the senior said.

She doesn’t have any specific role models, but she says she plays for her family and parents.

Hamilton has earned honors in both volleyball and basketball including being an All-State selection in volleyball.

She has been playing volleyball since the fourth grade and it’s her favorite sport.

She enjoys quick hits as well as powerful kills that knock down opponents.

As far as basketball, Hamilton has been playing the sport since the fifth grade.

“I like getting an offensive rebound and putting it back up,” Hamilton said of her favorite part of basketball.

Her goal is for the Wolves to advance out of the district tournament this season.

After high school, Hamilton hopes to play volleyball at the collegiate level.

She plans to major in business and is thinking about a career in real estate.

Hamilton has attended schools in Wolf Point throughout her academic career.

“I’ve liked growing up with my classmates,” she said.

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