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PIRG and MFPE have recently ….

PIRG and MFPE have recently filed a motion opposing the Republican National Committee and Montana Republican Party’s motion to intervene in the case.

But each suit is challenging the law under similar claims that the new restrictions violate suffrage, due process and other constitutional provisions tied to the right to vote and to register more people to vote.

“Given the law’s recent passage, broad enforcement mandate, and legislators’ representations that HB 892 was enacted to be enforced, LWVMT and others are concerned that their activities could expose themselves and the voters they assist to criminal liability,” the motion for a preliminary injunction filed Thursday says.

The group is asking a Gallatin County District Court judge to grant an injunction to maintain the language of the law that was in place prior to this year’s legislative session. The League of Women Voters of Montana is being represented by attorneys for Upper Seven Law and the Campaign Legal Center.

“This law is unnecessary and cuts deeply into Montanans’ fundamental rights, and we look forward to joining the League of Women Voters of Montana to challenge it in state court,” said Danielle Lang, the senior director of voting rights at the Campaign Legal Center.

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