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Wadsworth Keeps Busy With Various Activities

Wadsworth Keeps Busy With Various Activities Wadsworth Keeps Busy With Various Activities

Senior Profile

So far, it’s been a school year of trying new things for Culbertson High School senior Mathew Wadsworth.

For the first time, he served as manager of the school’s football team. “It’s fun, just being able to be a part of the team,” he said.

Wadsworth is also planning to play for the basketball program after not competing in the sport since his freshman season.

His other school activities include participating in both golf and track during the spring.

“It’s a little tough,” Wadsworth said of being in two sports at the same time. “Honestly, I like both the same. Golf is a little more relaxing.”

During track season, he competes in the long jump, 200-meter dash and 400-meter dash.

Wadsworth, who is a class representative on the school’s student council, keeps busy outside of school by racing in motocross events. His races have included events in Colorado, Oklahoma and Canada.

He really enjoys the activity and has raced for the last four years. He plans to continue participating in motocross.

In the classroom, his favorite subject is history.

“I like to learn about what has happened in the past and what’s happening now,” Wadsworth said.

He also likes information about government and politics.

His favorite teacher is David Solem.

“He’s super nice and I like the way that he teaches,” Wadsworth said.

Wadsworth has lived in the area since moving from Canada in the third grade. He is a permanent resident of the United States and a Canadian citizen. He appreciates being a part of the Culbertson community, “It’s a small town with more opportunities,” he said.

After high school, Wadsworth plans to study welding for one year in Tulsa, Okla.

“I will see where life takes me after that,” he said.

Culbertson High School senior Mathew Wadsworth keeps busy with school sports and motocross events.

(Photo by Bill Vander Weele)

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