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rolled members? If it was ….

rolled members? If it was …. rolled members? If it was ….

rolled members? If it was us, we’d want our money back.”

Chapman said that visiting hunters are often among the better informed and well-behaved hunters in the community and added that many would likely pay increased fees for access to the area.

Chairman Floyd Azure was clear in his support for a ban: “This reservation is ours,” he said. “It makes me mad that they can come here.” He cited treaty rights granting tribal members access to hunting throughout the reservation, including private land and shared stories of being interfered with by landowners.

“These guys are rich,” said vice-chair Charlie Headdress. “They can trample all over the reservation.”

Board member Patt Iron Cloud said, “I think it’s time we have a strong voice.” She went on to say that action was needed in the form of a ban: “We’re easy,” she said. “We can’t be easy anymore.”

The issue of reopening the reservation to non-tribal hunters was addressed: “Bird hunting will tentatively return for the 2024 season,” said the statement. The Fort Peck Fish & Game Department will be reviewing and updating related policies with an eye to addressing gray areas around outfitting, access and administration of the bird hunting program, as well as enforcement.

For more information, contact Fort Peck Fish & Game Department at 406-768-2309.

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