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Post-hearing Evidence Filed In Attorney Case

The attorney representing the Roosevelt County commissioners has filed notice of post-hearing evidence in the case involving attorney Janet Christoffersen.

Christoffersen seeks a preliminary injunction barring Roosevelt County from any action prohibiting her from performing the duties of Roosevelt County attorney.

The post hearing evidence and information filed on Thursday, Sept. 28, by attorney Stephanie Oblander states that Christoffersen “very recently” accepted a position as deputy county attorney for Morgan County, Utah. The two parties in the case disagree whether this evidence is relevant to the pending motion for a preliminary injunction and requisite four factors that must be satisfied.

The four factors to determine whether the preliminary injunction should be granted are: Christoffersen is likely to succeed on the merits of her claim; she is likely to suffer irreparable harm; the balance of equities is in her favor and that the injunction is in the public’s interest.

At debate is whether during a public meeting on Feb. 9, there was an agreement made on a fourmonth interim contract. Commissioners decided not to expand the contract during a meeting in June.

Megan Wampler, representing Christoffersen, argued that Christoffersen never entered into a legal contract and, by Montana statute, the commissioners don’t have the authority to replace an appointed county attorney.

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