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MSF Declares $35 Million Dividend For Policyholders

Montana State Fund announced a $35M dividend declaration to more than 24,000 policyholders across Montana. MSF is the state’s not-for-profit and leading workers’ compensation insurance company. It insures approximately 24,000 employers and their workers in approximately 400 industries from every Montana county.

“This is welcome news for hardworking Montanans and job creators, and is another step in the right direction for our workers’ compensation system,” Gov. Greg Gianforte said. “Workplace injuries and fatalities in Montana are declining even as our population and workforce grow, but better is always possible. I encourage Montanans to keep safety a top priority on the job.”

“Our first responsibility is to protect our policyholders and the injured workers, so we evaluate the financial position of State Fund before declaring a dividend,” said MSF board chairman Richard Miltenberger. “Once we decide it is safe to do so, we then consider the amount of the dividend. It is important to see these decisions through the lens of the bigger picture of financial strength - in addition to the role of workplace safety.”

This is the 25th consecutive year MSF has declared a dividend, totaling $431 million distributed to our customers.

“As Montana’s not-for-profit option for workers’ comp coverage, we are delighted to be able to share the strong financial position of our company through this dividend declaration,” said MSF president and CEO, Holly O’Dell. “Through efficient claims management, improved safety efforts by employers and their workers, and responsible stewardship and investment of policyholder premium dollars, we are able to take what would otherwise be considered profit for another carrier and share it with our customers.”

Dividends are not guaranteed. If financial circumstances warrant, the MSF Board of Directors may opt to declare a smaller dividend, or no dividend at all.

“This dividend is excellent news for Montana employers who work so hard to operate safe and healthy workplaces and is a testament to the workers who commit to creating a culture of workplace safety,” said O’Dell.

Dividend payments will begin in late October and are expected to be complete by the end of November.

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