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Volleyball season has begun and there are a number of games scheduled. The farthest away game is on Sept. 7 against MonDak in Westby, followed by the Plentywood game on Sept. 8 in Lustre. On Sept. 9, they play at the Scobey Invitational Tournament.

The Lustre Christian High School held its opening program Sunday evening. Martin Fast opened in prayer and Dan Marasco led in the opening song “Praise to the Lord.” Principal Ric Catell introduced the teaching staff. Nikki Hilkemann will teach physical science grade 9, biology 10, chemistry 11/12, physics 11/12 and physical education 9-10. Emily De la Cruz will teach English and drama. Emily Eggar teaches geometry, algebra 1 and 2, consumer math and trig/ calculus. Kendall Ross teaches world history 10, U.S. history 11, government, speech and economics. Mr. Matthyser will teach information technology and computer. Dan Marasco teaches Bible 9-10, Bible 11-12, band, choir and the Lustre Grade School music courses. Mrs. Reddig teaches art in first semester.

Teachers new to the school gave their testimonies, telling their stories of how they came to serve at Lustre. Each one was well worth hearing. De la Cruz comes from the Philippines and spoke of teaching earlier where her faith was at stake, her freedom to worship absent and coming to value greatly that privilege to worship God freely. She quoted Proverbs 16:9 and how she pondered the meaning of life and how it is such a privilege to serve in a school with international students.

Eggar shared her story of being homeschooled, graduating from LCHS, giving her experience in classroom learning and the challenges at college. In ways, it was a time of darkness and making her faith her own brought her back from significant mental health issues. She shared how the doors closed and a window opened for her to teach at LCHS, even though it was not in her first chosen field.

Ross shared his journey from Pennsylvania to Reno, Nev., and finding a website with a job opening to teach history in Lustre.

A staff trio of Eggar, Marasco and Ross sang a great arrangement of “It is Well with my Soul.” An offering was taken for the operation of the school and class advisors introduced their classes by grade. There are 36 students.

Austin Neufeld introduced the supporting staff and dorm council. Bernie and Debbie Swartzendruber are dorm parents, Torri Bell is noon cook, Randy Reddig is boys’ basketball coach and athletic director. Bill Reddig will coach girls basketball, Mary Zerbe is the volleyball coach. Angie Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Toews are international representatives. Lynette Froiland is school secretary, Lynn Unrau is treasurer and Eileen Traeholt is custodian.

The dorm committee consists of Austin and Madison Neufeld, chairpersons, Bob and Gretchen Schiller and Wes and Joy Young. The Foundation Committee (Keith Unger, Wilbur Unrau and Grant Zerbe) was introduced, as well as the LCHS board: Curt Neufeld, chairman; Bill Reddig, vice chair; Kelly Toavs, secretary; Justin Klatt, building maintenance; Jared Holzrichter, promotion/ technology; Mike Hilkemann, housing for staff; and Clayton Zerbe overseeing vehicle maintenance. Each of these are volunteer positions.

Pastor Frank Lenihan, the chaplain, prayed for the students. He spoke of “Seeking God’s face and God’s favor. We dare not go forward if God does not go with us.” He prayed for the teachers “to have creative ways, to live out discipleship, be transformed and bear fruit where lives are changed, people saved and choose a life of honor and holiness.”

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