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Runners Place At Wolf Point Invitational

Runners Place At Wolf Point Invitational Runners Place At Wolf Point Invitational

The Culbertson/Bainville cross-country team opened its season at the Wolf Point Invitational on Friday, Aug. 25.

Rebekah Ellerkamp, a freshman, finished in 13th place with a time of 27:08.66 to lead the squad.

Top runners in the girls’ division were Scobey’s Mya Green at 21:39.86, Scobey’s Mia Handran at 21:57.91, Fairview’s Sophie Sundheim at 23:30.74, Richey/Lambert’s Brynne Hill at 23:47.57 and Hinsdale’s Zora Holt at 24:30.85.

Scobey’s girls earned first place with 36 points. Poplar placed second with 47 points and Fairview took third with 74 points.

For Culbertson/Bainville’s boys’ team, Colin Purvis placed 51st at 27:21.75.

Wolf Point’s Peyton Summers ran the course in 16:13.82 for the individual title. Also in the top five were Harlem’s Branlin Foote at 17:47.31, Poplar’s Miles Boxer at 19:00.18, Williston Trinity’s Kai Thomas at 19:33.13 and Poplar’s Raylando Red Eagle at 20:01.54.

Poplar topped the team standings with 35 points followed by Williston Trinity with 46 and Plentywood with 81 points.

Leading Brockton’s girls was Tamryn Bauer in 24th place at 29:10.99. Marlene Fish finished 32nd at 32:21.65.

Brockton’s Taylor Cummings took 41st place at 34:38.22 and Taiye Fish was 42nd at 35:02.07.

In the boys’ division, Brockton’s Kameron Rattling Thunder ran the race in 24:35.14 for 39th place.

Teams will compete at the Poplar Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 2.

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