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Nyquist Foundation Accepting Grants

Once again, the Thomas and Corinne Nyquist Foundation is accepting applications from nonprofit organizations in Bainville, Culbertson and Froid, and in New Paltz, N.Y., for funding for small community projects with a deadline for applications of Nov. 1.

Calls for Nyquist Foundation grants are made once a year, and grants are awarded to eligible 503(c) private or governmental nonprofit organizations in these communities and only in these communities for small projects, events or items to be purchased that will benefit the community as a whole.

The foundation is particularly interested in supporting projects where a small amount of money may make the difference between success or failure, with most grants ranging from $500--$1,000. With rare exception, the maximum award is $2,000.

The foundation does not support ongoing projects on a multi-year basis. Officials will consider applications for new needs from organizations that have been supported previously if they did not receive a grant the previous year.

The foundation funds about $10,000 a year divided between New Paltz, N.Y., and northeast Roosevelt County in Montana. Between a third and half of applications received are usually funded.

Deadline is Nov. 1, for all applications and supporting documentation. Please try to get applications in earlier, as follow-up information may be requested, and must also be received by the Nov. 1 deadline. Notification of foundation decisions will be in January 2024, with monetary awards sent out in the spring. Applicants who are funded are required to give proof to the foundation of when and how funds are expended.

Information about the foundation, including funding criteria and past awards, is available at the website Applications can be sent electronically from that site, or printed and mailed, and should be accompanied by information about the nonprofit organization that is applying, and detailed information on how the money is to be spent. Questions may be addressed to

This will be the 20th year the Nyquist Foundation has awarded grants.

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