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Wetland Protection Council Vacancies To Be Filled

If you’re interested in migratory game birds, wetland habitat or waterfowl hunting, you may have an interest in serving on Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Wetland Protection Advisory Council.

The WPAC is responsible for oversight of FWP’s Migratory Bird Wetland Program, which is tasked with the protection, conservation and development of wetlands in Montana. Funding for the program comes from the sale of state migratory game bird hunting licenses.

The WPAC advises FWP on strategies for wetland conservation and reviews each project proposal that is submitted to the program. WPAC members will evaluate the merits of the proposals and advise FWP on whether to proceed with funding. WPAC members are also helpful in providing recommendations for improvement to project proposals.

WPAC members will represent each of the seven FWP administrative regions and must include Montanans who are migratory game bird hunters, non-consumptive users of wildlife and in the agricultural industry.

Council members will be appointed by FWP director Dustin Temple and will participate in up to two meetings a year. Term lengths are six years, but since all seven positions are open, this selection will stagger termlengths of four- and six-year commitments.

During the 2023 Legislature, House Bill 290 made some changes to the council, including increasing the number of members from five to seven and initiating staggered term limits of up to six years. Existing council members who want to continue serving on the WPAC will need to go through the selection process.

To apply, visit the WPAC webpage. Paper applications are available upon request by calling 406-230-1839.

Applications must be submitted by Aug. 6. The next council meeting will be held in Helena on Oct. 5.

For more information, call Heather Harris at 406-2301839, or send an email to heharris@

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