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Work Moves Forward On Sewer Project

Work Moves Forward On Sewer Project Work Moves Forward On Sewer Project

Progress keeps being made in the sewer improvement project taking place in Wolf Point.

“Everything is going well with the construction,” Wolf Point Mayor Chris Dschaak said.

Dschaak said one change order was needed in order to add a pair of new manhole covers.

Work currently involves cured-inplace piping on Edgar Street.

The project is heading north on Second Avenue South.

“They will move their way up and, hopefully, will be done by late July or early August,” Dschaak said.

The cost of phase I of the sewer project is $4.5 million, which is covered entirely through grant funds, Dschaak said.

City officials are currently researching grant opportunities for phase two of the project, which Dschaak hopes will occur during the next couple of years. Dschaak said the long-term goal is to repair or replace the entire city-maintained sewer system. On a different note, Dschaak was very pleased with the Wolf Point Stampede celebration. He said there was a low amount of police calls considering the amount of people in town.

“Everybody did an amazing job,” Dschaak said, noting great volunteer support.

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