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Commissioners Approve Precinct Boundaries

Roosevelt County commissioners officially approved a resolution on Thursday, June 29, to establish new precinct boundaries.

Commissioners Gordon Oelkers explained that District 1, which Oelkers represents, had 400 more people than District 3, which is represented by commissioner Robert Toavs.

The boundary for District 3 was moved east. The east boundary is now the R/Y Road or Highway 251.

The adjustment resulted in about 200 more people in District 3.

State law reads that there can’t be more than 10 percent population between two precincts of the same county, Commissioners approved the resolution by a 2-0 margin. Commissioner Gary Macdonald was absent because he was attending a different meeting.

District 2, represented by Macdonald, received a slight change in order to line up better line up with Montana House borders.

Macdonald’s seat is up for election in 2024. Macdonald, who is 81 years old, says that he will definitely not seek re-election. When he completes his term, Macdonald will have served for 25.5 years.

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