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WPCO Covers Topics During Meeting

Gaming challenges, housing and donation approvals were among the topics during the Wolf Point Community Organization’s monthly meeting on Monday, June 19.

During the Tribal Executive Board report at the meeting, TEB member Marva Chapman reported that two marijuana dispensaries are opening in Poplar. She questioned why the state and not also the tribes receives tax funds from marijuana sales.

Chapman said there have been 18 new applications for people interested in working for law enforcement.

As far as possible changes to the gaming compact, Chapman said she will vote against any change.

WPCO chair Roxanne Gourneau said that information regarding a vendor’s agreement and the gaming compact has been mailed. Gourneau said tribal representatives are scheduled to meet with the governor about the gaming compact on July 15.

“Our stance is we want to continue with the gaming compact,” Gourneau said of WPCO.

She explained that WPCO wants to continue forward and keep being able to re-distribute funds in the community.

During the Fort Peck Housing Authority portion of the agenda, Chapman said that housing committee commissioners are investigating and dealing with concerns.

Gourneau said 137 houses are boarded up. She added that the amount is the most in history.

WPCO approved a $2,500 donation request from George Blount for a fireworks display. Also approved were $1,750 for Wolf Point’s boys’ basketball team to play at a tournament in Lockwood, $1,200 for Skillz and Drillz basketball, $200 for the Immaculate Conception’s Bible school and $500 for Wolf Point High School student Chase Adams to be part of a musical tour in Europe during 2024.

Wolf Point High School graduate Jerome FourStar was the recipient of a $250 scholarship.

Gourneau invited community members to prepare a float for the Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede’s parades.

“I urge families to enter floats,” Gourneau said. “It’s 100 years of families.”

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