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Runners Place In Longest Dam Race


Area athletes fared well in the Longest Dam Race held at Fort Peck on Saturday, June 16.

Wolf Point’s Peyton Summers was the winner in the men’s 10K with a time of 35:59.64.

Wolf Point’s Kholby Spottedwolf placed third at 40:58.60 and August Spottedwolf took fourth at 41:10.05.

Vida’s Grant Schillinger finished in seventh place at 46:26.82.

Wolf Point’s Trent Hamilton earned 14th place at 53:47.37. Wolf Point’s Shawn Eggar took 17th at 1:06.24.61.

Poplar’s Jazmin Gorder earned second in the women’s 10K at 47:46.81. Glasgow’s Ali Flaten finished first at 46:18.26.

Wolf Point’s Christine Eggar took 12th place at 1:10.39.54.

Wolf Point’s Cole Baker placed eighth in the men’s 5K with a time of 23:34.19. Vida’s Grant Schillinger placed 11th at 24:58.54. Lustre’s Alan Kliewer took 12th at 25:00.91.

Poplar’s Cali Gorder, 11, finished first in the women’s 5K with a time of 25:36.72.

Culbertson’s Ella Anderson placed eighth at 27:18.79. Culbertson’s Ashley Anderson was ninth at 27:23.83.

Marit Windchief was 11th at 27:49.69. Poplar’s Philline Gorder placed 12th at 27:48.62. Kateri Rush placed 15th at 29:07.29.

Wolf Point’s Stacey Summers was 19th at 32:12.93. Heidi Kent took 20th at 32:22.20.

Culbertson’s Jessie Dreikosen finished 34th with a time of 39:20.89.

Poplar’s Caydee Gorder placed second in the girls’ mile with a time of 8:13.35.

In the 9-14 age group, Maia Kent took third at 8:48.70 and Audri Kent was eighth at 11:58.12.

Wolf Point’s Sierra Summers finished first in the 1929 age division for the mile at 9:54.13.

Heidi Kent took second in the 40-49 division at 10:14.90. Placing in the 60-69 division were Kiyo Ruhd in second and Leni Loendorf in third.

Wolf Point’s Gavin Kent finished first in the boys’ 8 and under age division with a time of 8:26.68 in the mile.

Luke Summers ran the mile in 9:54.03 for sixth place in the 9-14 age division.

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