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Commissioners Consider Lease For Picard Pit

Roosevelt County commissioners approved the transfer of a lease for the Picard gravel pit from Franz Construction to Roosevelt County during a meeting on Tuesday, June 13.

The pit is located north of Bainville. The county is looking to lease one section of the property.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said there are between 200,000 and 300,000 yards of gravel left currently at the pit.

“That will be a pretty important pit for the Bainville area,” Oelkers said.

Commissioners approved by a 2-1 margin to retain a used grader. Commissioner Gary Macdonald voted against the motion. The grader will be used in the Bainville area.

The decision involved whether to keep the grader or trade it in for $321,000 as the county is purchasing five new John Deere graders.

During discussion, Macdonald said the issue he has is that he keeps hearing that some of the employees are working full days.

Oelkers explained the Bainville area is experiencing a lot of truck traffic because of oil activity.

Commissioner Robert Toavs said he has heard a lot that Bainville’s roads need more attention. Toavs suggested that the county tries to use an additional blade there and see how much production is being done.

Commissioners accepted the resignation of long-time sheriff’s deputy Tim Lingle.

“He was a valued officer for the sheriff’s office,” Oelkers said.

Commissioners also accepted the resignation of health department employee Katie MacDonald.

Commissioners approved the annual pay raise for detention center employee Sunshine Eagleman.

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