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Commissioners Approve Insurance Plan

Roosevelt County commissioners agreed to continue having the county be served by JPT Health Insurance during their weekly meeting on Tuesday, May 2.

The increase for the insurance is 5.5 percent this year.

“It’s been about 5 percent every year,” Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said of increases.

The insurance plan features a $500 deductible and $1,000 maximum out of pocket. County employees don’t pay for their own insurance as far as being a single.

Commissioner Roberts Toavs noted that the county is one of the few local employers who feel 100 percent of their employees’ health insurance costs. Toavs feels eventually the county might need to consider a cap of what it pays for health insurance.

Commissioner Gary Macdonald said increasing the premium might be a better course of action if needed in the future.

“It’s a huge benefit for employees to stay working here or come to us,” Oelkers said.

In other business, the county decided not to renew its contract for a safety coordinator. The county has been sharing the position with Valley County, but the person is now considering retirement.

The safety coordinator position for Roosevelt County will be a half-time position, perhaps combining with another position. Commissioners approved a nursing facility intergovernmental transfer agreement. The agreement allows Faith Lutheran Home to receive $85,832.20 in mill tax dollars.

Commissioners declared the existence of several county roads through resolutions. County roads involved included 1022, 1023, 1026, 2051, 1025, 1028, 2051, 1029, 2049, 1028, 2048, 1023 and 2054.

After working on resolutions for the existence on county roads on the east end of the county, commissioners will now work on resolutions for the reservation.

Commissioners accepted the resignation of Virginia McGinnis from the aging department.

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