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MHSA Board Announces Decisions

The Montana High School Association’s executive board made several decisions during its regular scheduled meeting last week.

The board agreed to have one Native American and one female representative on each of its advisory committees. Schools received information about the following items for a two-week notice period: * All post season live video streaming will be done on the NFHS Network. Regular season events must be approved by the MHSA executive director. If a school uses a different commercial company for streaming regular events, these events must be live parallel streamed on the NFHS Network.

* Changing the number of pre-season days of practice from 10 to eight in all sports except football and golf. Football will remain at 10 and golf will stay at two preseason required practices. * Increase of sub-varsity pay for MOA officials from $48 per game and $55 per game beginning in the 20232024 school year.

* Jewelry can be worn if allowed by NFHS rules or governing body for the sport.

* Volleyball will go back to switching benches between sets.

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