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Tourism Numbers Appear Up In County For 2022

It appears that more people stayed in Roosevelt County during 2022 than any other year since 2015.

According to the state’s figures, Roosevelt County had $71,720 in gross lodging tax revenue during 2022. Revenue collected is 4 percent of lodging price.

The figure is a 13 percent increase from the $63,216 total of 2021. It should be noted that the figures don’t necessarily mean an increase amount of travelers. The percentages listed could be affected by rate increases, delinquencies and other factors.

Roosevelt County’s 2022 figures include $11,142 during January through March, $20,221 for April through June, $22,957 for July through September and $17,4000 for October through December.

In 2015, Roosevelt County enjoyed a record-breaking amount of $86,994 including $29,069 for the third quarter of that year.

Following years featured $65,726 in 2016, $68,618 in 2017, $60,811 in 2018, $63,524 in 2019, and $44,700 in 2020.

The Missouri River Country region experienced an increase of 2 percent in 2022 to $549,519 from the $541,076 total in 2021. Missouri River Country includes the counties of Daniels, Garfield, Mc-Cone, Phillips, Richland, Roosevelt, Sheridan and Valley.

The state of Montana enjoyed a 14 percent increase of $57,703,615 from the 2021 figures of $50,745,773.

Richland County reported an increase of 12 percent with $140,138 in 2022 compared to $125,502 in 2021. The county’s most successful year was 2014 with a total of $438,586.

Valley County had an increase of 1 percent in 2022 with $194,779 compared to $192,424 in 2021.

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