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School Menus

Froid School

Breakfast and salad bar served daily.

Feb. 6: Stromboli, cips, vegetable and fruit.

Feb. 7: Taco salad, refried beans, taco bar, lettuce mix and fruit.

Feb. 8: Chicken mashed potato bowl, biscuits and dessert.

Feb. 9: Pizza, lettuce mix and fruit.

Feb. 10: Cheeseburgers, fries, vegetables and fruit.

*** Culbertson School Feb. 6: Chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries and orange slices.

Feb. 7: Turkey tetrazzini, mixed vegetables and bread sticks.

Feb. 8: Ham, mashed potatoes and corn.

Feb. 9: Hamburgers, curly fries and bananas.

Feb. 10: Kind Pretzels, cheese, apple slices and celery sticks.

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