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Reed Earns Second Place At Malta Tourney

Wolf Point’s wrestlers ended their regular season this past weekend. The boys were at the Malta Invitation and girls at the Cascade mixer and Simms mixer.

The girls were in Cascade on Thursday, Jan. 26. Eight grader Jeina Reum went 1-1. She lost a re-match with a girl from Butte High then beat a senior who was at 107 pounds. “Jeina didn’t wrestle well the first match,” Coach Scott Vandall said. “But we are not to worried about it. She came out and set the tone the second match. She did a good job all and all.”

Joli Beston, a junior, went 1-1. She had two re-matches with girls that she wrestled in the Great Falls Invitational. “We lost to the girl that we beat in the championships and beat the girl we beat in the semis at Great Falls,” Vandall said. “Again we didn’t wrestle our best the first round. But that’s OK. We had some good competition before divisional.

The girls wrestled in Simms on Friday, Jan. 27. Reum wrestled a girl from Simms. She lost by technical fall by over 15 points.

“We have been pinned in the first round by this girl all year so this was a big improvement,” Vandall said. Beston got two matches with the same girl she wrestled in a previous meet. “We won both. We went out and worked some different things and got the job done,” Vandall said.

The girls will be in Columbus with the boys for divisionals. They have to place in the top two to advance to state.

The boys wrestled in Malta on Saturday, Jan. 28. Jayden Dominique, a firstyear eighth grader, went 0-2. “Jayden hasn’t got the win yet, but he is so close to getting,” Vandall said. “He wrestled hard and aggressive. He’s just inexperienced.”

Kasey Reed, a freshman, didn’t wrestle this weekend. He is a little banged up and was rested for divisional.

Jesse Reed, an eighth grader, placed second. “He wrestled well. I think the long season is showing,” Vandall said. “He has had over 40 matches. He has a little body soreness and stuff. He has had a great year for anyone.”

Johnathan Williams, a junior, wrestled well. He went 0-2. “Jon Jon is a first-year junior. He was right there to possibly tie the match and send it to sudden death overtime. Again he’s just inexperienced,” Vandall said. “Jon Jon is a hard worker. He is close to winning a few of these matches.”

Maddox Reum, a junior, didn’t wrestle this weekend. Sam Boysun, a freshman, went 1-2.

“Sam has picked it up these last two weeks. He is a second- year wrestler and he had improved so much,” Vandall said. “He’s getting frustrated, but he too is just inexperienced.”

The boys will also wrestle in Columbus this next weekend. “There are a few teams we haven’t seen. But they haven’t seen us either,” Vandall said. “I like that they look at our age and get over confident. As you saw we have three eighth graders, two freshman and three juniors. We are very young, but we are fighters and scrapers. I am very happy with the strides we have made this year. We can’t wait to get to divisional and see it play out.”

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