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Roosevelt County Aging Services would like to remind anyone turning 65 soon to stop by our office to review your Medicare options. Everyone’s situation can be different when it comes to enrolling in Medicare, and we provide free, unbiased counseling.

Medicare Part A premium is free for most people if they have enough working quarters. Part A covers in-patient hospital stays, skilled nursing care (rehabilitation), hospice care, and some home health care.

Part A pays 80 percent of covered services after the deductible. The 2023 Part A deductible for in-patient hospital stays (per benefit period) is $1,600.

Medicare Part B has a monthly premium of $164.90. Part B covers doctor’s office visits, ambulance rides, durable medical equipment, and more. Part B pays 80 percent of covered services after the deducible. The 2023 Part B deductible (once a year) is $226.

Since Medicare A & B only pays 80 percent, and Part A has a large deductible, it is advised to get a Medigap or “supplement”, which is sold by independent insurance agents. It can cover the other 20 percent of costs and the Part A deductible(s). There is a monthly premium, but it varies depending on the company you choose to go through.

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. In 2023, there are 24 available plans in Montana. There is a monthly premium that you pay to the plan, and often copays you pay at the pharmacy. The Medicare Plan Finder uses the zip code you live in, the pharmacy you use, and your prescription list to filter out the most cost-effective plan for you.

We encourage everyone to call the Roosevelt County Aging office, at 406-653-6221, to make an appointment with either Julie Bach or Alyssa Toavs three months prior to turning 65 or retiring.

We can go over everything step by step, assist you with enrolling in Parts A, B, and D, or get you the paperwork/ information that you need. We can also explain and help with applications for the assistance programs available for have low income.

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