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School Officials Hear Lead Testing Results

Shane Reed, facilities director for the Wolf Point School District, provided to school board trustees a mostly positive report regarding the lead testing process during the board meeting on Monday, Jan. 9.

Reed recently received a response back from Energy Labs of Billings regarding the mandated testing from DEQ.

Of the 42 fixtures tested at Southside Elementary School, only four fixtures were detected to require replacement.

Reed noted that of the 23 samples from Northside Elementary School, only one is required to be replaced.

Additional replacements need to be made at the high school where 14 of the 73 fixtures tested need to be replaced. Those fixtures are located in the school’s labs.

“Everything is 1960s down there,” Reed explained.

Interim superintendent Eileen Karge reported that Monday was her third day of work. “Today was more productive than last week,” Karge said.

Work has included a session with the Office of Public Instruction regarding the spending of ESSER grants.

Karge said there have been two applications for the junior high principal position.

Southside principal Tara Thomas discussed ongoing school attendance issues.

Trustee Roxanne Gourneau asked if the truancy court steps up actions in the second round. Thomas said the truancy court appeared to make consequences very clear to parents during the first meetings.

“Lack of education is neglect,” Gourneau said.

High school/junior high principal Kim Hanks said that Thursday, Jan. 12, is the final day of the first semester.

The Wolf Point spelling bee is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 31, starting at 1 p.m.

Activities director Eric Peterson and Hanks will attend the annual Montana High School Association meeting. One of the proposals being considered is having e-sports as an activity.

Hired were Jaki Harada as high school English teacher and Amare Martell as student custodial worker. Extra-curricular hires were Michael Escarcega for Lil Wolves boys’ basketball, Linnea Escarcega for Lil Wolves boys’ basketball and David Hopson for volunteer drama production assistant. Winona Deserly resigned as assistant cook.

Trustees approved spending $36,136 for district-wide special education math curriculum.

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