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Broadband Grants Include Wolf Point Application

When Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a $309 million list of broadband grants last week, the projects included the Wolf Point area.

Kristin Bekker, Nemont marketing manager, said Nemont’s application for the Wolf Point project was approved 100 percent. Nemont will still be responsible to pay for some of the projects.

The $4.7 million project has been awarded but not officially accepted yet by Nemont.

Bekker explained that the town of Wolf Point has fiber, but the project will be for the rest of the 653 area on the outskirts of Wolf Point.

Nemont also submitted successful applications for three other projects in the state. The projects total $8.5 million.

Gianforte has noted that the funded grants would support installation of 3,000 miles of fiber optic lines providing service to 62,000 homes and businesses. The areas are described as about 38,000 as unserved, about 22,000 in underserved parts and 1,300 as in frontier areas.

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